Gena Rowlands’ Collaborations with John Cassavetes Celebrated at Metrograph in NY

Gena Rowlands in “A Woman Under the Influence”

Metrograph is set to honor a match made cinematic heaven. The Manhattan movie theater will host Cassavetes/Rowlands, a program celebrating the collaborations between legendary screen actress Gena Rowlands and director John Cassavetes, her late husband.

A press release for the event hails the pair as “patron saints of American independent cinema” who “created art with their own money, in their own home, surrounded by friends and family.” Their impressive legacy “encompasses roles as writer and director, producer and actor, mentors, collaborators and distributors, in a creative universe where everything was new, tried, and pushed.”

Metrograph will screen six of the twosome’s ten collaborations in 35 mm: “Faces” (1968), “Minnie and Moscowitz” (1971), “A Woman Under the Influence” (1974), “Opening Night” (1977), “Gloria” (1980), and “Love Streams” (1984). Rowlands received Oscar noms for both “A Woman Under the Influence” and “Gloria.” When Cassavetes showed her the script for the former, she told him, “You let anybody else play it, I’ll kill you!”

Cassavetes/Rowlands will run from June 15–25. A very special guest will be popping in throughout the series — Rowlands herself. She’s confirmed to appear in person on July 15 for “Opening Night” and July 16 for “A Woman Under the Influence” with further appearances expected. For more information, check in at Metrograph’s site.

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