“Room” to be Adapted for the Stage


Room” is moving from the page to the big screen to the theater. A stage production based on Emma Donoghue’s best-selling, award-winning novel is set to open in London next year, and will be directed by Cora Bissett, BBC News reports. Donoghue wrote the script for the stage adaptation of “Room.” She previously adapted her book for the 2015 film version of the story starring Brie Larson, who won an Oscar for her performance. Donoghue received a nod for Best Adapted Screenplay.

Donoghue’s tale centers on Ma/Joy, who is held in captivity for seven years after she’s kidnapped as a teen. Despite her circumstances, Ma hasn’t given up on life, largely because of the life she brought into the world while imprisoned: her five-year-old son Jack.

In an interview with Women and Hollywood, Donoghue described the story of “Room” as “deeply feminist” and a “hymn to motherhood.”

The production will premiere at the Theatre Royal Stratford East next May, and will include songs by Bissett and Kathryn Joseph.

Donoghue wrote the screenplay for “Room” before the novel was published. “I wrote the novel, and then I thought, ‘This could work on film, and I want to be the one to do it.’ So I went ahead and drafted it,” she recalled. “I’m really aware that in fiction, women are pretty much equal. There’s a lot of very successful women novelists. Not so much [for women writers working] in film.” Donoghue explained, “I thought one way to try to hold on to the power was to write the script myself. That way, I could say to filmmakers, ‘I’m not asking you to hire me unseen. I’m just saying, here’s my script. Can we work together?’ So that worked out well.”

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