Trailer Watch: Andrea Arnold’s “American Honey” Hits the Heartland

“American Honey”

Andrea Arnold’s much-anticipated “American Honey” will soon hit theaters, and a gorgeous new trailer has just been released. If we weren’t already really excited about this film, the trailer’s intense drama and stunning visuals would seal the deal.

“American Honey” stars newcomer Sasha Lane as a young runaway who teams up with a group of rowdy traveling magazine sales-kids who scour the American heartland all day to make a buck just to party all night.

The film took home the Jury Prize at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, the main competition’s third most prestigious award. The win marked Arnold’s third Cannes Jury Prize win; she took it home in 2009 for “Fish Tank” and in 2006 for “Red Road.” Arnold won an Academy Award for her short film “Wasp” in 2005.

A number of critics have compared the film to Larry Clark’s “Kids,” noting their shared examination of troubled youth and adolescent issues.

No official release date has been set for “American Honey,” but distributor A24 has said it will hit theaters later in 2016.

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