Vanessa Redgrave Makes Directorial Debut with “Sea Sorrow”

Vanessa Redgrave in “Letters to Juliet”

The legendary Vanessa Redgrave has made her directorial debut. The long-time actress helmed “Sea Sorrow,” which stars Emma Thomspson and Ralph Fiennes, and tells the story of “refugees fleeing European war zones throughout the last century,” the AFP writes.

“We all get tired, we’ve got to be reminded of the deeper things that make it worthwhile to live and to help others, and that’s really why we made this film,” Redgrave said on the subject matter. “First and foremost it was my horror at the fact so many refugees were dying who should have been given safe passage, and could have been given safe passage. I thought of it before but when the little boy Alan Kurdi was found washed up, that was the moment that said ‘get going, get started.’”

Redgrave shot the film in France, Greece, Italy, and Lebanon. She produced along with her son, Carlo Nero.

Redgrave, as we know, has had an acting career spanning decades. We’re always happy when a woman takes the dive into directing at any age, and hopefully Regrave had a positive experience, perhaps inspiring the next wave of women to give it a try.

“Sea Sorrow” will be screened at London’s Hammersmith Town Hall. No word yet on distribution.

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